Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bring A Transparent Look For Your Notepad !

Already you know about the sage-freeware-makes-firefox-easier-than-ever/">Glassy CMD which is used for giving a transparent look for your Windows 7 Command Prompt window. Now this is another different way to give a transparent look for your Notepad with few new features.
The name of the utility is enhanced-portable-windows-movie-maker-for-windows-free-download/">Transparent Notepad, a free and small utility that has come out with same features of Notepad with few more features to bring a glassy look. Moreover, it has come out with a tiny toolbar from where it is easy to how-to-disable-safe-mode/">access most features which you need often.

how-to-manage-open-with-application-in-windows-open-expert/">Click to Manage Open With Application Windows

how-to-insert-text-in-youtube-videos/">Following are the some new features :
•It supports Rich Text.
•It brings Paragraphs and Bullets feature.
•It can support Image Insertion.
•It is supposed to work with yuuguu-makes-screen-sharing-simple-in-gtalk-and-gmail/">Windows XP and Windows Vista.


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