Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DVSM-U24U2 Is The Latest DVD Burner From Buffalo !

In our blog we have discussed about many models of high-speed-dvd-drive-from-sony/">DVD burner and external DVD burner and writers. In such a way, today we have external-slim-dvd-drive-comes-from-asus-sdrw-08d1s-u/">another model DVD burner for you.

ultra-slim-external-netbook-friendly-dvd-burner-i-o-data-rocks/">Click to know about Ultra Slim External DVD Burner for Netbook

This is a new and latest model external DVD burner comes from high-speed-dvd-drive-from-sony/">Buffalo at 24x. The name of the model is DVSM-U24U2, which has come out with a stylish look, and we have to use it in the vertical position. This device has the dual-layer-multi-drive-sleek/">compatibility to work with USB 2.0.

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