Thursday, May 28, 2009

ES 300 Is A New PNS Device From Korea With More Features !

Portable Navigation System better known as spark-nano-gps-tracker-lets-you-track-anyone-anywhere/">PNS, a new model of the device has been introduced by a Korean manufacturer Thinkware, the spark-nano-gps-tracker-lets-you-track-anyone-anywhere/">ES300.
You can have this device in 2, 4 or 8GB of internal memory with the ability to be used as both PNP andintegrated-camera-in-your-id-card-ame-105-new-way-to-spy/"> portable TV.

pioneer-introduces-its-latest-navigation-gadget/">Click to know about the latest Navigational gadget from Pioneer

This device features the how-does-a-gps-mobile-work/">Eco Drive Mode, which has the capability to give the driver with the approximate level of CO2 emission. how-does-a-gps-mobile-work/">Moreover, this ES300 also supports multitasking gps-in-google-maps-and-google-earth/">enabling its user to run several applications in the same time.

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