Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Firefinder Addon For Firefox Finds HTML Elements For Choses CSSSelector !

Firefinder is a new social-whale-extension-for-firefox-you-can-use-it-in-twitter-and-more/">addon for Firefox, which can find the HTML elements matching chosen CSS selector or XPath expression. In this addon, you can type in desired filter and view the results. It is compatible with Firefox 3.0 – 3.5. It allows you to test instantly yourhow-to-speed-up-download-in-firefox-without-download-manager/"> CSS selectors in the page while seeing the content at the same time, and matching how-to-speed-up-download-in-firefox-without-download-manager/">elements will be highlighted.

tiny-menu-addon-shrinks-your-menu-bar/">Want to shrink you menu bar ?

Moreover, you can have a facility to count how many matches there are for you to windows-messenger-and-hotmail-now-come-to-your-mobile/">check for instance, the number of heading elements - and it also lists all the matching in a collapsible list in the Firefinder panel in now-access-wordpress-photobucket-flickr-and-twitter-via-windows-live/">Firebug.

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