Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flexible Snake Scope USB Camera Comes With Adjustable Brightness !

This is a flexible Snake integrated-camera-in-your-id-card-ame-105-new-way-to-spy/">Scope USB Camera comes with the facility to adjust the brightness. It is an ergonomic handheld video endoscope system with robust and semi flexible insertion tube. swiss-army-knife-now-comes-with-32gb-flash-drive-and-bluetooth/">Moreover, you can operate this easily by plugging directly into your computer and our laptop. It has been enhanced with LED on the tip of the semi mickey-mouse-turns-into-webcamera-with-usb-hub-and-fan/">flexible tube.

find-the-hidden-camera-in-your-place/">Click to find the hidden camera in your place

It has theheart-shaped-usb-webcam-can-capture-30-frames-per-second/"> capability to capture high quality images at the resolution of 640 X 480 and to capture videos with rich colors. The price of the device is just heart-shape-mouse-rocks-and-a-good-presentation-too/">¥ 8,300.00

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