Friday, May 29, 2009

Google Brings Sensitive Spell Checker For You !

Spell Checkers can how-to-get-exact-search-results-in-search-engines/">highlight words that are not in a dictionary and it can suggest a list of similar words. It has the ability to deal with plurals and verb tenses and most other spell checkers can’t find the words that are used incorrectly in a new-extension-for-internet-explorer-to-enhance-the-google-search-results/">context.

search-google-in-reverse-order-funny-experience/">Click to have reverse search in Google

For an example, "important-gmail-tips-to-become-stuff/">Their coming too sea if its reel" this phrase has five spelling mistakes, if you type this in Gmail editor and check for enhanced-google-search-results/">spelling errors you wont get the error message. but if you will enter this in Google’s search box you will get the ‘writing-blogs-is-an-art/">Did you mean” message and suggest for "Their coming to see if its real".

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