Friday, May 22, 2009

Google Reader Becomes Easier Now !

Now it is easy to add automatically shared items from google-docs-lets-you-upload-longer-files/">Google Reader. Normally this feature is disabled so that if you want to use this feature you have to enable this in the new settings page "Automatically submit items you share via Google Reader into the What's Popular gadget. These shares will be attributed to you. Changing this setting will only affect new view-ms-office-documents-as-html-in-gmail/">shared items from Google Reader."

sort-tables-in-google-docs-easily/">Click to sort tables in Google Docs easily

Google gadget can include the web pages from dhow-to-read-pdf-files-in-gmail-without-pdf-reader/">ifferent sources : user-contributed pages, popular posts from Google Reader and popular videos from YouTube. You can rate the pages that you like or dislike by clicking the voting now-google-reader-provides-more-details-about-feeders/">buttons displayed next to each item, much like in Digg, Reddit or Yahoo Buzz.
Therefore, gadget can be added to our personalized Google home page and also we can how-to-get-email-alerts-whenever-anyone-edits-google-docs-form/">bookmark this tool.

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