Monday, May 18, 2009

Heart-Shaped USB Webcam Can Capture 30 Frames Per Second !

This is a new model web camera comes inheart-shape-mouse-rocks-and-a-good-presentation-too/"> heart shape which can work withelecom-releases-7-port-usb-hub-for-dual-pc-usage/"> USB 2.0, the resolution of the camera is 640 x 480 with 30 frames per second. If you want to use this, just clip it on the samsung-releases-another-eco-friendly-lcd-monitor/">monitor or let it to stand on your table.

mickey-mouse-turns-into-webcamera-with-usb-hub-and-fan/">Click to know about Mickey Mouse model web camera


find-the-hidden-camera-in-your-place/">Some important features of this camera :

•White Balance: how-to-prevent-automatic-update-of-google-chrome/">Automatic
•Video conference
•Flash Control: Automatic
•Frame Rate: VGA, 30how-to-take-clips-and-images-from-a-video-with-video-capture-master/"> frame/second


•Capture high-quality VGA (640 x 480) video
•Send videoin-gmail-you-can-send-emails-in-five-indian-languages/"> e-mails anywhere
•Excellent still image capture
•Video recording
•Resoultion: 640 x 480
•Record the moving image
•lenova-netbooks-thinkpad-goes-out-and-ideapad-comes-in/">Security function


•new-hidden-webcam-usb-angel-webcam/">Exposal Control: Automatic
•USB 2.0 interface
•Dimension: 50 x 75 x 68mm
•Weight: 120g
•With the tiltgoogle-maps-brings-webcam-snapshots/"> swiveling base
•Driver free for Windows XP/Vista

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