Saturday, May 16, 2009

How To Prevent Automatic Update Of Google Chrome ?

For regular users, it is very useful to have a how-to-insert-text-in-youtube-videos/">silent application that can constantly update the browser. There is no question to interruption about the permission to ask before updating the applications, therefore you don’t have to check youtube-releases-native-software-for-watching-videos-in-mobile/">updates manually. If you don’t have enough bandwidth or in an enterprise environment automatic updates will not be a good thing.
Now you can use the Group Policy Editor from Windows or add some Registry keys to customize the Google Update.
Here we have given the explanation how to import an administrative template in the Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) and change the auto-update check period or even how-to-disable-safe-mode/">disable the auto updater.

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If your operating doesn't include ahow-to-enable-sender-time-zone-in-gmail/"> policy editor (Windows XP Home, Windows Vista Home), edit the Registry directly. Just create the following key:


and add two DWORD values:

AutoUpdateCheckPeriodMinutes - auto-update check interval (how-to-sync-our-yahoo-messenger-and-twitter-updates/">for example: 1440 to check for updates once a day)
DisableAutoUpdateChecksCheckboxValue - 1, if you want to disable the auto-updater; 0, if you want to enable it.

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