Sunday, May 24, 2009

How To Publish Spreadsheets In Google Docs Directly ?

google-docs-lets-you-upload-longer-files/">Google Docs has now allowed its users to publish their spreadsheet data as downloadable PDF or Excel files. It means it is possible for everyone to download your sort-tables-in-google-docs-easily/">public spreadsheet from Google Docs servers directly as a PDF or Excel file without any need to open the corresponding documents in Google Docs or other Office applications.

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Therefore, you can publish your google-redesigns-its-spreadsheet/">complete spreadsheet or a certain portion of your spreadsheet like from the cells C5 to D9.
The main advantage of this feature, the PDF conversion happens in real time therefore people can download your updated spreadsheet. All it happens when you enabled the "gmail-brings-enhanced-settings-for-imap/">Automatically republish when changes are made" at the time of publishing your sheet(s).

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