Friday, May 22, 2009

Inbox preview Lets You Look At Your Gmail Inbox In Low Speed InternetConnection !

We have been writing about Google and theirfilter-import-and-export-joins-gmail-labs-enjoy-the-new-experience/"> service with its features, in such a way this is another feature comes to decorate your inbox. The main advantage of this feature, whenever you are trying to open your inbox you will notice yourgoogle-brings-color-selector-to-search-by-color/"> unread mails, but it will never be possible in low speed connections.

how-to-enable-sender-time-zone-in-gmail/">Click to enable the sender time zone in Gmail

Thehow-to-send-sms-via-gmail/"> name of the feature is inbox static preview it has the capability to show you the most ten magic-inbox-upcoming-feature-from-gmail/">recent messages.
If you want to use this feature, just turn it on from “google-announces-automatic-message-translation-for-gmail/">Labs tab” under settings so that you can view your messages even in slow speed connections.

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