Monday, May 4, 2009

iRiver Releases Palm Sized Electronic Dictionary - Dicple D7 !

Dicple D7 is a new palm sized electronic dictionary proudly comes fromiriver-is-the-rival-for-iphone/"> iRiver in the Korean market. This is as compact as your palm and features a 3-inch touch LCD screen, video play-back-the-music-while-searching/">playback at 30fps, a SRS WOW HD sound driver, an FM radio, a flash player, a PDF viewer, a text/photo viewer, recording function, and a micro sd-card-to-minisd-card-converter/">SD card slot.

nurian-x40-an-extraordinary-electronic-dictionary/">Click to know about Nurion X40 - Extraordinary Electronic Dictionary

Moreover, it has the capability to support how-to-recognize-the-characters-from-an-image/">handwriting recognition and brings various contents comprising Encyclopedia Britannica and 24 different kind of dictionary with authentic native speaker voice. You can have this device inmultimedia-e-dictionary-a-pocket-teacher/"> two versions 4GB and 8GB or 4GB with the capability to support make-up-phone-lg-sh490-from-lg-electronics-unveiled/">DMB function. The prices of the devices are 268,000 KRW ($210) and 308,000 KRW ($240) respectively.

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