Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jewel Rose Pin USB Flash Drive Resembles A Real Rose !

Already you may have seen food inspired google-usb-flash-drive-put-google-inside-your-pocket/">USB flash drives, but it has been changed to jewel from food model. The name of the drive is Jewel Rose Pin USB Flash Drive, which looks more stylish, fashionable, and elegant to wear it wherever you go. In addition, you can store you 4gb-flash-drive-watch/">data and information in it is a type of fashion.

owl-model-usb-flash-drive/">Click to know about Owl model flash drive

ultra-compact-nano-flash-drive-comes-from-eagletec/">Some important features of this device :
•Rose jewel design
•Size: 78*33*20mm
•your-real-finger-now-turns-real-usb-drive/">Capacity: 2GB
•Weight: 35g
•Fashionable and elegant
You can have this device in is-it-a-pen-or-a-pen-drive/">two different colors, Pink and purple and if you have $23 in your pocket don’t wait for anyone. Just hurrrry….

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