Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kvant Motorbike Runs Safe Even In Snowy And Winter Weather !

Kvant Motorbike is izibi-another-rocking-foldable-bike/">something different as its name represents, because it is the combination of a motorcycle and snowmobile to bring a useful facility during motobecane-motivo-new-model-bike-rocks-with-battery/">snowy weather when people are in inconvenience to use any other vehicle for transporting. Moreover you can use this vehicle in winter season for blood-hound-super-sonic-car-fastest-car-in-the-world/">adventurous enthusiasm.

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This three-wheeler-car-in-bike-size/">vehicle features mono curving ski to handle it in the efficient curves with efficient curve belts that provide improved maneuverability. If you look at the vehicle you will feel that sitting on this vehicle is uneasy to motobecane-motivo-new-model-bike-rocks-with-battery/">drive, but it is more comfortable as it has extended beema-a-new-conceptual-motorcycle-take-on-boldly/">exhaust pipe while grabbing the handles.

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