Sunday, May 31, 2009

Limited Access In Windows 7 Is Removed For 3 Apps !

Microsoft has withdrawn itshow-to-use-windows-7-calculator-in-windows-vista/"> limited access of Windows 7 Starter Edition for three applications at a time. This is said by the observer and author Paul Thurrott. Despite it doesn’t appear to include allow to windows-7-multi-touch-driver-arrives/">change wallpapers, the limit will be removed from the edition.

how-to-upgrade-windows-vista-to-windows-7/">Click to upgrade your Vista to Windows 7

The main reason for changing thewindows-7-rc-is-ready-for-download/"> three app limit is to open the door for stronger competition from Android and other Linux-Based operating systems, which are running on netbooks as they come free of cost or at lower cost. In other side, mobile upcoming-features-of-windows-7-windows-leakes-screenshots/">internet devices and iPod touch have enforced Microsoft to make the costs low.

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