Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mathematica Powered Search Engine Brings Expert Level Knowledge - Wolfram Alpha !

Wolfram Alpha was launched yesterday as it is a play-back-the-music-while-searching/">useful complement to a general purpose search engine like Google. This search engine will nevergoogle-search-now-comes-with-some-health-questions/"> search the web, it normally searches from authoritative databases and an engine powered by Mathematical to gmail-goggles-lets-you-to-send-mails-without-any-need-to-login/">obtain the results.

how-to-enhance-the-search-results-of-search-engines/">Click to enhance the search results of search engines


The how-to-use-multiple-search-engines-simultaneously/">main aim of the Wolfram Alpha is to bring the expert level knowledge and google-removes-dictionary-link-in-its-search-results/">capabilities to the widest possible range of people across all how-to-get-exact-search-results-in-search-engines/">professionals and educational levels.


As Alpha can’t optimus-keyboard-displays-the-functions-of-the-keys/">handle the queries you can use it to search simple kind of numbers, dates, words, HTML color codes, chemical formulas and you'll get a lot of interestingbpm-beats-per-minute-detector-perfect-choice-for-music-composer/"> information. The service shows intuitive visualizations and comparisons to better understand the information.



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