Friday, May 8, 2009

Microsoft Brings Facebook For Your Windows Mobile 6 phone !

We don’t know that why this app is called “how-to-download-photos-fast-in-facebook-without-any-software/">Official Facebook app” even this has been developed by Microsoft. Still it brings functions that are more useful for Facebook. This app is completely new for your Windows use-your-smart-phone-to-control-your-home-appliances/">Mobile 6 phone, therefore you can download this Facebook application for nimbuzz-instant-messenger-for-windows-mobile/">windows mobile, and it can be used for:

how-to-upload-photos-in-facebook-fast-and-safe/">Click to upload photos in Facebook fast and safe

•You can send messages to any of the people in yourgtalk-lets-you-find-the-friends-around-your-area/"> Friends list.
•You can take pictures and videos on your phone and then you can upload them right to Facebook.
•You can manage how-to-recover-the-deleted-images-from-digital-camera/">your profile and post anytime anywhere.

This app lets you updated with Facebook on your phone. Now your status can be boost-up-your-download-speed-with-boost-machine/">updated in Facebook through your phone.


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