Thursday, May 28, 2009

Minus Garbage Bin Lets You Free Of Bad Smell And Bacteria !

This is a samsung-bacteria-killing-air-conditioner-using-mpi-technology/">frozen garbage bin called Minus that is capable to take all kinds of organic trash and freeze it. Fromhow-to-rename-the-recycle-bin/"> this bin, you will never have any bad smell and pollution at your place as there is a antibac-2k-magic-ball-air-purifier-kills-9999-bacteria/">cooling grid located inside the bin.

bombproof-bins-displays-news-and-absorbs-the-heat-of-explosives/">Click to look at the Bombproof Bins

In addition, the antibacterial UV light inside the bin will eliminate the bacteria. The transparent cover of the bin will let you see the shoes-with-headlight-and-charging-functions/">status of inside space from outside of the bin. The name of the designer is electronic-cigarette-a-safe-cigarette-to-health/">Cem TUTUNCUOGLU.

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