Friday, May 22, 2009

Mystery Attacks FBI And U.S.Marshal Law Enforcement Agencies !

A mystery how-to-solve-symantec-start-up-error/">virus attacked the law enforcement agencies of FBI and the U.S.Marshal Service on Thursday according to an internet-alarm-ready-for-conficker-virus/">Associated Press report.

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A how-to-remove-trojan-virus-kaspersky-virus-removal-tool/">representative from the U.S. Marshal Service has confirmed that it had disconnected from Justice Department systems as a precaution hit with the virus while the sources from FBI say that it was experiencinghow-to-know-the-reason-for-slow-booting/"> similar issues. Still they have not found out the types of virus origins so that they all have how-to-solve-symantec-start-up-error/">shutdown the internet and email while the issues was evaluated.

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