Thursday, May 21, 2009

PhotoFast 533X PLUS CF Card Comes With Higher Rate Of Data TransferProcess !

usb-cable-comes-with-inline-card-reader/">PhotoFast 533X CF Card has been introduced last week, which has come out with an 80MBs Reading speed, and 40MBs of writing speed.

sandisk-releases-16gb-microsdhc-and-m2-ultra-cards/">Some feature of this device are given below :
•It is compatible with dual-channel support
•The high-definition-downloads-possible-with-bbc-iplayer/">data transfer rate of this device is Read: 80MB/sec(Max) Write: 80MB/sec(Max).

sd-card-to-minisd-card-converter/">Click to know about SD Card to minisSD Card converter

•It can support ultra-compact-nano-flash-drive-comes-from-eagletec/">Ultra DMA mode 0-6.
•It can support high-end DSLR.
•CompactFlash 4.1 compliant.
•It has come out with built-in hardware ECC Technology to dsandisk-launches-sansa-slotmusic-mp3-player/">etect and correct the errors.
•It supports ATA interface.
•It is compatible with Multi-Platform technology.
•RoHS sandisk-launches-sansa-slotmusic-mp3-player/">compliant.

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