Thursday, May 7, 2009

Raw Photo Processor 3.9.5 Comprises Entire Camera Profile !

Andrey Tverdokhleb has introduced his Mac-only raw developer new version 3.9.5 called Raw Photo asus-announces-p565-pda-mobile-with-fastest-processor-in-the-world/">Processor. This new device comprises new camera profile for the Canon 5D MkII, 1Ds MkIII, 50D, the Sony A900, the Olympus E3, E30, E620 the panasonic-launches-waterproof-tvs-viera/">Panasonic G1 and LX3 and more accurate how-to-know-the-mails-with-attachment-in-outlook/">profiles

t-mobile-gets-moto-zine-zn5-camera-phone/">Click to know about ZINE ZN5 T-Mobile camera

for theface-detector-in-mobile-c902-from-sony-ericsson/"> Sony A100, A200, A300, A350, A700 the Olympus E410, E420, E510, E520 and the Kodak SLR/c, SLR/n, 14NX, 14N and ProBack. Furthermore, it adds support for the Canon EOS 500D (how-to-recover-the-deleted-images-from-digital-camera/">T1i, KISS X, pictured), the Canon SX1 IS and the Kodak Z1015 IS.

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