Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Snippets Now Come With Thumbnails In Google !

Google has probated its latest technology about the number of now-google-search-is-right-in-gmail/">images embedded in a web page and list of thumbnails above the snippet. It all done after extracting a lot of interesting information from web pages like dates, locations and author names.
However, unfortunately this feature is not google-brings-enhanced-snippets-to-review-sites/">available for everyone. If it will be launched the result will show the enhanced snippets for pages that embed many images.

how-to-filter-file-types-in-google-video-search-results/">Click to filter file types in Google search results

The similar option about the snippet is, if you will enhanced-google-search-results/">click on “Search options” and select “Images from the Page” as shown in the picture. If you look at the result, you can see two thumbnails google-adjusts-its-videos-search-results/">next to each search result.

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