Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Social Whale Extension For Firefox - You Can Use It In Twitter AndMore !

If you want to use the short now-access-wordpress-photobucket-flickr-and-twitter-via-windows-live/">URLs in twitter or any other service with a click, and to upload the images using the service you can use the free add on for how-to-view-the-saved-passwords-in-firefox/">Firefox called Whale Extension.
It is possible with a single click on the outwit-docs-firefox-addon-lets-you-save-your-precious-time/">extension icon, therefore the extension will convert the active’s tab URL to short URL and will copy it to the clipboard.

how-to-speed-up-download-in-firefox-without-download-manager/">Want to download fast without download manager in Firefox ?

Then you want to how-to-upload-images-from-firefox-to-photobucket/">upload the images, you can right click the icon and select “Upload Photo”. Therefore, the URL will be available again in the clipboard, just paste it in your twitter now-google-lets-you-insert-images-easily-in-two-ways/">status and you are done.

Click to SOURCE and DOWNLOAD the Addon

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