Monday, May 18, 2009

Spider Man USB LED Light Can Reduce Power Consumption !

This is a new modelmini-mushroom-usb-massager-heals-your-body-pain/"> USB LED Light, comes for you to type even in low light. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the write a passage or to work regularly without switching on the lights. You can water-proof-usb-mouse-rocks/">have this gadget for just $15.

3-in-1-usb-washing-machine-feel-the-change/">Click to know about USB washing machine


elecom-releases-7-port-usb-hub-for-dual-pc-usage/">Following are the product specification :
•It has come out with 3 bright LEDs
•It can feature tiny-backlit-wireless-keyboard-switch-off-light-and-work/">On/Off switch.
•It is compatible with all platforms.


•It is a compact wireless-portable-stereo-speaker-use-this-in-your-bike/">device for portability.
•It is powered by USB with 4 feet of cable.
•It sizes 175*130*56mm.
•It just clickfree-cable-can-convert-your-hard-drive-for-backup/">weighs 60g.

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