Tuesday, May 26, 2009

VR-NC200 Is A Dictaphone Sizes Just Your Credit Cards !

A tiny and new model digital slim-and-stylish-voice-recorder-a33-comes-from-safa/">voice recorder is available in Japan. The size of the device is just 50x90x6.5mm and it weighs just 26g. The name of the device is three-new-pmc-ic-voice-recorders-reach-the-market/">VR-NC200 which has the capability to record up to 35h of voice irecordmax-sound-recorder-comes-with-more-facilities/">conversation with jut 2GB of internal memory.

lg-again-sparks-with-its-gd910-watch-phone-with-hsdpa-capability/">Click to know about watch phone with HSDPA capability

This direct-voice-recorder-to-computer-teleport-20/">device can support MP3 and WMA files and it features an FM Tuner. google-targets-to-sell-400k-android-phone-in-100-days/">Moreover, you can use this device as DAP. But unfortunately, the price and other details of this bluetooth-watch-prada-ii/">device are not yet announced.

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