Friday, May 15, 2009

Watch the Updates of Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter at One Place inWindows Live !

With windows-live-gives-you-a-different-mothers-day-experience/">Windows Live™ you can bring together your activities from many of the social sites you use today. Don't chat-roster-lets-you-find-your-online-friends-in-orkut/">make your friends jump from place to place to see what you're up to. Now when you change your personalworld-clock-in-status-bar-see-multiple-countries-time-simultaneously/"> status, update your blog,

now-access-wordpress-photobucket-flickr-and-twitter-via-windows-live/">Want to access Wordpress, Photobucket, Flickr and Twitter via Windows Live ?

or post photos on various sites across the Web (including places like microsoft-brings-facebook-for-your-windows-mobile-6-phone/">Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr), you can let everyone in your windows-messenger-and-hotmail-now-come-to-your-mobile/">Windows Live network see your updates from those sites too, right within outlook-connector-comes-for-live-accounts-with-new-updates/">Messenger and Hotmail®.

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