Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Windows 7 RC Is Ready For Download !

Windows 7 upcoming-features-of-windows-7-windows-leakes-screenshots/">Release Candidate (RC) has now become easy to download, and it is expected to be available through July 2009. This RC will be expired on June 1 of 2010. It is going to start on March 1 of 2010; therefore, your PC will start how-to-avoid-automatic-and-accidental-shutdown/">shutting down for every two hours. You will be prompted two weeks in advance before the process starts to shut down. In order to avoid this disturbance you have to install a how-to-shutdown-my-system-using-task-scheduler/">unexpired version of Windows before March 1, 2010.

how-to-use-windows-7-calculator-in-windows-vista/">Want to use windows 7 calculator in Windows XP ?

If you want to how-to-speed-up-download-in-firefox-without-download-manager/">install the RC, first you have to download Windows 7 RC and burn the ISO files to make an interactive-dvd-for-illiterate-also-playable-in-simple-dvd-player/">installation DVD. Then just follow the instructions appear on the screen to complete the installation properly. Here you have to configure first time settings available in how-to-install-windows-vista-sp2/">Windows Vista.

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