Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Mobile iGoogle Rocks On !

Earlier Google has released its new iGoogle interface optimized for iPhone, but later one year it was called off. Now another iGoogle version for google-set-to-release-orkut-app-for-mobile-phones/">iPhone and Android phone was released. This new version is faster and easier to use and it has the ability to support tab as well as more of your favorite gadget comprising built in third party developers.

igoogle-shines-with-your-celebrities-showcase-rocks/">Click to know about iGoogle with celebrities

Besides, another new feature of this version is the in-line display of articles for feed based gadgets. Therefore, we can read article summaries without leaving the pages. Moreover, we can also chat-roster-lets-you-find-your-online-friends-in-orkut/">rearrange gadget order or keep our favorite gadgets open for our next visit. If you are having an iPhone or an Android phone, means just click on "Try the new Mobile iGoogle".

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