Friday, June 19, 2009

CryoSubmitter Makes Your Submission Easy !

CryoSubmitter will automatically fill submission forms for you, reducing the time it takes to submit how-to-capture-the-screenshot-of-a-website-fast/">each one. On average you should be able to acheive 60-100 submissions an hour. You'll find that web directories will give priority over standard one way links if you provide a reciprocal link, CryoSubmitter does this with ease with a built in FTP template system which automates not only getting the back link onto your site, but also paging your links page. Maximise your total back links overtime as the CryoSubmitter database grows rapidly, new web directories are added every month.

firefox-lets-you-copy-multiple-urls-simultaneously/">Click to copy Multiple URLs simultaneously

Some important functionality of CryoSubmitter:
•Over 3000 web directories in its database
•Auto fills submission forms
•Auto selects category incredible-new-year-screensavers-free-download/">dropdown
•FTP template system for automating reciprocal links

•One click to copy field to clipboard
•Unlimited projects
•Unlimited titles and article-submission-is-now-as-easy-as-click/">descriptions
•Auto detects sites that are down and moves onto the next
•Design your own template for automated back link pages
•Choose the number of back links you’d like on each links page


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