Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dell Starts Selling Downloadable Microsoft Software - Easy AndEconomical Way !

Microsoft and Dell you know them better, but you don’t know them in a monster-hunter-notebook-now-comes-in-collaboration/">collaboration. Dell has become the first non-Microsoft company to sell Microsoft products as downloadable in Dell Download Store. This agreement is announced yesterday, in which Dell is given the right to sell Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Expression Web and similar Microsoft Programs directly to online customers.

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Since the extreme-thumbnail-generator-free-download/">downloading is a more user-friendly way to sell or distribute the programs and there is no need for packaging materials, Microsoft has taken this decision. If you will search for Microsoft Office Professional 2007 in Dell store, you can give $448 for the product and while Staples and Best Buy were selling it for $499 at retail. Moreover, Microsoft also sells their products online at full retail price.

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