Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Domo Is The Latest Rocking Touchscreen Digital Camera Concept !

The touchscreen technology has very much attracted people around the world towards manufacturing digital camera with touchscreen capability. Domo is the new camera model to come with touchscreen facility and ittouch-screen-photo-storage-device/"> claims the first to introduce this feature in camera.
Nevertheless, this concept is still in the design lab and not much detail we have gathered yet. Besides, this camera is sleek and designed simple. It features single click shooting and the photos will pop soon after taking the snap for reviewing.

windows-7-multi-touch-driver-arrives/">Click to know about Multi Touch Drivers

The main additional feature of this camera is, whenever you view the photos from the internal memory of the stick, you can easily navigate them by finger dragging to view the photo in full screen mode. However, thefanless-touchscreen-panel-pc-from-via-vipro-vp7710/"> enjoyment has now become endless for you with this camera.

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