Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Few More Options In Google Translation !

Whenever you translate your web pages, you can have few more options now and you can set a different destination language and translate a new web page by just entering the address in the persistent input box. wallpaper-search-is-now-easier-in-google/">Moreover, you can have another new interface to display the translation in tooltips for our convenient to read the original text.

tray-dictionary-lets-you-find-translation-in-a-click-from-tray/">Click to know about Tray Dictionary

In addition you can have the same facility in Bing too since it brings an interesting option that displays the original page and translation page side by side like available in Google Translator Toolkit. Nevertheless, this interface is very useful for those who arelingoes-dictionary-gives-translation-in-multiple-languages-as-we-type/"> familiar to multiple languages.

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