Monday, June 15, 2009

Get Similar Websites In Your Browser's Sidebar !

If you want to have something different while surfing the internet, SimilarWeb will be very useful for specific type of contents. SimilarWeb lets you discover and surf similar websites. If you want to search social-whale-extension-for-firefox-you-can-use-it-in-twitter-and-more/">something about Sports, Films, Politics etc means SimilarWeb will clearly display the web content of left sidebar inside the browsers for easy browsing and exploring.

tiny-menu-addon-shrinks-your-menu-bar/">Click to know about Tiny Menu Addon

Moreover, you can change the views from thumbnail image display for similar website listing to Text Only mode, list mode etc. Even more, you can submit your own website to SimilarWeb database for mozilla-firefox-for-mobile-download-fennec-free/">appropriate listing. However, this tool will be very useful for those who are willing to have a great experience.

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