Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gmail Introduces New Contacts Fields For Better Importing !

Until up now, Gmail is only capable for some contact fields and it never recognized into the notes section of the contacts from apps like Outlook and OS X Address Book. Now Gmail has added this how-to-send-empty-messages-in-gmail/">new support based on contact fields and now it can store each of the fields separately to make our syncing and round-tripping better.

how-to-merge-my-multiple-contacts-in-gmail/">Click to merge multiple mail contacts in Gmail

Last month Gmail has updated its standalone contact manager with an improvement and now it is available with support for Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail and Yahoo in CSV format and OS X Address Book in vCardhow-to-import-your-gmail-contacts-into-outlook-2007/"> format.
Moreover we can access all our contact infor in Gmail from anywhere to our mobile phone or other devices more easily.

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