Friday, June 12, 2009

Google Profile Displays Integrate Google Latitude !

Google Latitude is one of the finest features from Google that lets you display the location on your google-set-to-release-orkut-app-for-mobile-phones/">Google Profile. All you have to do just follow the steps.

how-to-find-interesting-places-in-google-maps/">Click to find Interesting Place in Google Maps

  • First you have to now-know-the-location-of-your-orkut-friends/">Set your location using the iGoogle gadget or by using mobile application.

  • By selecting “Enable and Show the City-Level only” or "Enable and show best available location" you can enable the public location badge. Once you enable this setting, your location will be shown publicly in a variety of ways using Google’s API.

  • Moreover, Google has begun to show rich snippets for the results from Google profiles.

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