Monday, June 1, 2009

Guitar Turns Your USB Flash Drive !

This is a follower of jewel-necklace-usb-flash-drive-decorates-your-look/">Jewel type USB Flash Drive, about which we have mentioned few time earlier like Jewel, Rose, Owl and in Animals models. This time it is new for you since it has come out in theusb-flash-drive-comes-in-heart-shape-as-necklace-valentines-day-special/"> shape of Guitar.
It can give you an elegant look when wear it wherever you go. google-usb-flash-drive-put-google-inside-your-pocket/">Moreover, you can store your data information in it and you can use it as a fashion decoration.

jewel-rose-pin-usb-flash-drive-resembles-a-real-rose/">Click to know about Rose model USB Flash Drive

owl-model-usb-flash-drive/">Following are the some important features of the device:
•It has the capacity of 2GB.
•It looks like a real guitar.
•It is more 4gb-flash-drive-watch/">fashionable and elegant.
•It sizes just 73*28*9mm
•It weighs just 45g.
•The price of the your-real-finger-now-turns-real-usb-drive/">device is just $22.

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