Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How To Become A Gmail Ninja ?

If you are having a huge amount of emails in your inbox how long you will take to read them all? In gmail-introduces-multiple-inboxes-facility-for-its-users/">addition, it is more difficult to find the important ones and reply them. You may have some short cuts and your own style but some are definitely efficient than others.

how-to-manage-several-email-accounts-with-multiple-inboxes/">Click to manage multiple email accounts in Gmail

Therefore, you can make your inbox to get through easier than ever even if you are having few messages.All that you have to do is just know about the Gmail Ninja that is open-youtube-videos-multiple-times-instantly-and-directly/">categorized into ninja belts (white, green, black and master) based on how much mail you get each day.

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