Thursday, June 4, 2009

How To Find Lost Car Using Pocket GPS Locator ? Ecco GPS IntelligentDigital Compass !

GPS navigation technology has turned now s100-new-gps-device-from-navman/">very smaller than other technology devices, because you can carry it on your keys and you can store the location of your car’s GPS co-ordinate when you park your car. Therefore, it will be very useful for absent-minded personalities. After parking your car mark your parking spot, when you return this key will lead youspark-nano-gps-tracker-lets-you-track-anyone-anywhere/"> right back to your car.

pioneer-introduces-its-latest-navigation-gadget/">Click to know about latest GPS gadget from Pioneer

integrated-camera-in-your-id-card-ame-105-new-way-to-spy/">Following are the some important features of this concept:
•It is as small as your key and high tech GPS fob
•You can locate your single or multiple locations within a second.
•It can how-does-a-gps-mobile-work/">work at the range of 10 feet to 9,999 miles around the world.
•As it is self-contained system, you do not have to use a receiver in your car.
•No monthly service charges are gps-in-google-maps-and-google-earth/">applicable.
•This GPS locator is available for $89.99.

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