Monday, June 8, 2009

How To Move Or Delete Recycle Bin To The System Tray ?

Normally there are no functions to hide the Recycle Bin from your how-to-hide-desktop-icons-in-windows/">desktop. But you can have some software to hide the Bin from your desktop, in such a way there is software how-to-hide-the-start-tab-in-taskbar/">available to hide your Recycle Bin from your desktop. The name of the application is Minibin that lets you move and pin your Recycle Bin to the system tray in a click.

how-to-rename-the-recycle-bin/">Click to rename your Recycle Bin

how-to-insert-text-in-youtube-videos/">Moreover you don’t have to install this software, just download, unzip and double click on Recycle Bin to move. If you want to empty or open the Recycle Bin just right click on how-to-uninstall-ie8-in-windows-vista/">MiniBin.


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