Saturday, June 27, 2009

How To Solve Linear Programming Problems Using Google Spreadsheets ?

We know you have been using Google Spreadsheet over the years and you might have faced the linear programming problems in Google Spreadsheets.
Now linear programming problems in Google Spreadsheet aregoogle-brings-redesigned-google-news/"> solvable as a new feature explodes for the Spreadsheet users. Normally linear programming can determine the way to achieve the best outcome in a given mathematical model.

how-to-publish-spreadsheets-in-google-docs-directly/">Want to publish Spreadsheets in Google Doc directly

Google’s help center has an article in which you can have the details to use the new introduced feature for linear programming problems. Moreover, it is possible to test the feature by using a template provided by google-docs-lets-you-upload-longer-files/">Google. Some sources say that it didn’t work for them and they have given the error message "The goal specified must be a cell containing a valid formula."

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