Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iPhone 3.0 Is Ready To Download For iPhone And iPod Touch !

For the iPhone and iPod touch, it is the prestigious moment as the new version iPhone 3.0 firmware from Apple is now available for download. It is a very recent update and the users all apple-iphone-ad-the-great-thing/">around the world can download it to their iPhone and iPod Touch devices. But unfortunately this is scheduled for download from 6PM tonight at London.
It is one of the finest solutions for the users while some of them are waiting for the new Apple iPhone 3GS.

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The new version brings some of the finest features as follow :
•It is easy to use MMS Functionality.
•You can have the Landscape Keyboard.
•It is easy to Cut/Copy and Paste in the new version.
•It features worlds-first-24ct-gold-luxury-leather-iphone/">Spotlight search.
•You can have the In-App purchases.
•You can have the Stereo Bluetooth.
•Ease Internet access.

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