Saturday, June 6, 2009

iPod Shuffle Now Gets Ozaki iCommand !

This is an iPod shuffle isr-vt02-ipod-tube-speaker-from-rockridgesound/">available for just $18. The name of this shuffle is Ozaki iCommand that is the third generation to work with common third party headphones.itunes-81-for-windows-and-mac-users-attention-ipod-shuffle-users/"> Moreover, it can feature you an integrated volume controls on one side and a multifunction ability for Play, Pause and Track. The glossy black adapter can extend the shuffle by on inch to cover its power switch while extending its 3.5mm headphoneapple-unveils-safari-4-innovative-and-fast-browsing-experience/"> port.

talking-shuffle-ipod-with-4gb-storage-%E2%80%93-apple-releases-smaller-than-the-smallest/">Click to know about Talking Shuffle iPod

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