Friday, June 19, 2009

iRiver Launches Its Latest And Cute Mplayer - Smiley Eyes !

This MPlayer comes out of Iriver that is a little DAP. It has been designed with special functional ears to control tracks and volume with 2GB internal capacity. It has the ability to support nurian-x40-an-extraordinary-electronic-dictionary/">music files like MP3, WMA, ASF and it features a 2GB Flash memory that can store up to 480 songs. In addition, it supports USB 2.0 channels, Stereo Music files and it has come out with a Built-in Li-ion Battery sizes just 44.0 x 39.5 x 30 mm. Nevertheless, you can have the details only in Japanese. It is available only for ¥ 12,585.00.

iriver-releases-palm-sized-electronic-dictionary-dicple-d7/">Click to know about palm size electronic dictionary from iRiver

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