Monday, June 22, 2009

Ku - New Touchscreen Concept To Form Switches, Buttons And Wipers OverThe Surface !

Touchscreen device is one of the most drastically using devices today.fanless-touchscreen-panel-pc-from-via-vipro-vp7710/"> Nevertheless, at the same time most often a tactility problem among many others.
This is a new revolutionary touchscreen concept called Ku Phone that is able for overcoming this problematic approach by passing a temperate electric current for different material sizes both linear and three-dimensional ones.

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The main reason for designing this device is to form switches, buttons, Wipers etc on the surface of the mobile for any particular applications. In addition, it is able for demonstrating finger force to a given area and a garmin-nuvifone-with-3g-touchscreen-mobile-and-gps/">moderate resistant of a feedback produced accordingly. Therefore, if you press or wipe the button in the phone can completely imitate the analogous components of traditional systems.

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