Thursday, June 4, 2009

Narrow Back End Car By Norio Fujikawa - Scout Two Seater Car !

Scout is one of the faster two seated transportation concepts by new-vehicle-scarab-can-solve-the-parking-troubles/">Norio Fujikawa. It has been designed with two turbine engines to attain the top speed at 400 to 500 mph and low altitude lift. The designer of this vehicle has envisioned in a different and exceptional way, as everyone will get cityant-electric-car-comes-in-rental-basis/">puzzled with the narrower end of the vehicle.

chiron-transportation-is-the-alternative-solution-for-road-vehicles/">Click to know about alternative solution for road transportation

Normally, kvant-motorbike-runs-safe-even-in-snowy-and-winter-weather/">narrower end of the vehicles act as the front side of the vehicle. Therefore, the Scout concept has been designed in a different and innovative way for user’s future-water-transportation-of-indiasupply-never-stops/">satisfaction.

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