Friday, June 5, 2009

New Programmable Cooling Fan Can Send Messages Now !

This is another different device, which has been showcased at the casio-g-shock-gold-watches/">Computex 2009 in Taiwan. The name of the cooling fan is Programmable LED stealth-releases-lpc-625f-fanless-mini-pc/">Cooling Fan. It is supposed to work as tachometer in our cars and it lights up in blue color and red needle that is made up of LEDs. These LEDs have the capability to show fanless-touchscreen-panel-pc-from-via-vipro-vp7710/">current RPM speed.

mickey-mouse-turns-into-webcamera-with-usb-hub-and-fan/">Click to know about Mickey Mouse Shape USB Webcam and Fan

Therefore, you can put this on the back of your computer or inside to keep ventilating well.whirlpool-futuristic-green-kitchen-concept/"> Moreover, in this device you can make them to put a message or to run for official-kansas-city-wizards-mls-soccer-boom-for-true-fans/">displaying the current RPMs.


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