Friday, June 19, 2009

Now Authors Are More Visible In Google News - Find Your FavoriteArticles Right From The Spot !

It has become more important to introduce more features of their products and software. In such a way, the search giant is very keen on introducing its features. The latest announcement from filter-import-and-export-joins-gmail-labs-enjoy-the-new-experience/">Google is to display the author names in Google News. Therefore, you can easily find the articles written by the favorite journalists. Moreover, if you will click on the author’s name, you will find the most recent articles of your favorite authors. You can subscribe feed or to get alerts by your email.

gmail-introduces-auto-complete-feature-for-labs/">Click to know about Auto Complete Features for Google Labs

Another major feature of Google is addition of links to Wikipedia articles to offer some helpful contexts. search-google-in-reverse-order-funny-experience/">However, at present Google is showing a small number of user links to Wikipedia.

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