Monday, June 15, 2009

Open YouTube Videos Multiple Times Instantly And Directly !

Google keeps on increasing its features for all of its applications. In such a way, YouTube has decided to achieve something different. Therefore, you can load the same videos from YouTube multiple times from the watch-multiple-youtube-videos-simultaneously-in-3d-cube/">local cache. If you want to look at the feature, go to YouTube, open any video and wait until the video is buffered, then reload the page. You can get the video instantly to watch directly from your browser’s cache. Even more this can work even if you will close the tab and open the same page later on.

youtube-releases-native-software-for-watching-videos-in-mobile/">Click to know about the Native software for YouTube

There is another option available for slow internet how-to-download-youtube-videos-using-grab-browser/">connection holder. they have to increase the size of your browser’s cache to preload longer videos.

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