Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paragon Rescue Kit Brings Guaranteed Data Recovery !

You may have used lot of recovery tools for recovering your data. Such like that it is another tool comes for bringing you a guaranteed system recovery and system rescue.
The name of the tool is Rescue Kit Express from Paragon clickfree-cable-can-convert-your-hard-drive-for-backup/">available free for you. It is able to fix any kind of boot problems and it can recover the data whenever your system fails to boot. Moreover, it is capable for recover the deleted partition at minimal effort.

how-to-delete-the-data-permanently-from-hard-drive/">Want to delete data permanently from your Hard Drive ?

Following are some important features of this tool :

File Transfer Wizard :

Retrieve valuable information from disks when system fails to how-to-recover-the-lost-and-damaged-data-from-my-hard-disk/">boot and save it to another hard disk/partition or save on CD/DVD.

Registry Editor :

View and modify settings of any Windows system registry in the offline mode.

Network Configurator :

Establish a network connection to work with shared resources on the net.

how-to-backup-data-in-safe-remote-location-how-to-backup-remotely/">Wiping :

Convenient and reliable tool for irreversible destruction of data on separate partitions or entire hard disks (IDE, SCSI, SATA, USB, etc.).

Password Cleaner :

convenient tool to remove user passwords for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/2003 how-to-backup-data-in-safe-remote-location-how-to-backup-remotely/">systems. Easily change any user password, including Administrator's to a blank one, providing the ability to freely log in to an operating system.


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