Friday, June 5, 2009

Portable Gradient To Keep Your Beverages Cool Or Warm !

Already we have discussed about compact andbarista-portable-espresso-maker-perfect-for-indoor-and-outdoor/"> portable Cooler for you beverages. In such a way, this new one has come out with more features than earlier make. The name of the concept is Gradient, which is an ultra-portable electrically powered mini-mushroom-usb-massager-heals-your-body-pain/">concept device. It has the ability to maintain a steady temperature of a cup of tea or coffee. This is lightweight and easy to use with the givencoffee-maker-looks-like-ferrari-car-more-than-a-coffee-maker/"> buttons placed on the case and we can easily monitor the temperature on the highlighted LED display.

now-usb-port-works-for-fridge-also-connect-your-fridge-to-system/">Click to know about USB fridge

The samsung-bacteria-killing-air-conditioner-using-mpi-technology/">lower case of the device is mainly used for heating to keep the powered-electric-body-board-brings-eternal-fun-in-water/">cup warm and when it comes about keeping your beverages chill, the upper impeller will start easy-opener-for-lazy-drunkard-bottle-popper/">working.

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